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Garden Pool started as one family’s blog to document converting an old backyard swimming pool in to a closed-loop food-producing urban greenhouse and has evolved in to a non-profit organization.

The GP (short for Garden Pool) was a one of a kind creation invented by Dennis McClung in October of 2009. It is truly a miniature self-sufficient ecosystem. Rather than keeping our creation to ourselves, we have decided to share it with others. GPs are being built all over the world offering an easy and sustainable solution to current food production challenges.

Garden Pool is dedicated to research and education of sustainable ways to grow food. Our mission as a non-profit is to develop better ways to grow food and help others do the same. Our operations are based in Mesa, Arizona at the home of the original Garden Pool.

The Garden Pool combines: 
  • solar power – harnessing and storing the sun’s energy 
  • water conservation – using less water and recycling waste water 
  • poultry farming – raising chickens 
  • aquaculture – raising tilapia fish
  • hydroponic gardening – growing fruits, veggies, & herbs without soil 
  • organic horticulture – using natural methods to control garden pests 
  • aquaponics – the symbiotic cultivation of produce and fish in a recirculating hydroponic environment. 
  • biofiltration – natural water filtration method using biochemistry and duckweed
  • thermal mass - thousands of gallons of water that is warmed by the sun and being surrounded by earth and concrete provides “inertia” against temperature fluctuations. 
  • permaculture - GP systems mimic relationships found in natural ecologies. 

How We Made It:

Step 1. Find an empty Swimming Pool
Step 2. Frame it
Step 3. Just add PVC
Step 4. Cover in UV Plastic
Step 5. Add solar setup.
Step 6. Add plants, chickens, & fish.

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