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Constructing Raised Bed Gardens Step-by-Step

1. Cut to Length

Cutting to Length
Cut the boards and corner posts
  • Cut the 4x4 post into four 12-in corner posts
  • Cut two of the 2x6 boards into four 4-ft lengths
Cutting the PVC Pipe for Hoops
Cutting to Length
  • Cut the 3/4-in rigid PVC pipe for the base into six 12-in-long pieces.
  • Cut the 1/2-in flexible PVC pipe to 8-ft lengths.

2. Assemble the Planks

Drilling holes
  • Assemble the boards on a hard, flat surface
  • Pre-drill three holes slightly smaller than the screw several inches apart.
  • Set a 4-foot 2x6 on its edge, and place a 12-inch post at one end.
  • Hold in place with 12-in bar clamps.
  • Secure the board against the post with three 31/2-inch screws. Repeat at the other end of the board. Repeat with the other short board.
  • Join the short sides with the 8-foot boards, overlapping the ends of the other boards; pre-drill and attach with three screws at each end.
  • Add the other 8-foot long side.
  • Add the second row of 2x6s.
Securing the boardAdding the second row

3. Prepare the Site

Removing grass
  • Mark off the 4x8 site with stakes and string.
  • Remove any lawn grass or weeds (optionally you can just cover the ground with weed-control cloth).
  • Loosen the soil and remove any remaining weed roots.
  • If your site isn't level, dig out the high edges of the space to prepare for the placement of the frame.

4. Move the frame into place and level

Leveling sides
  • Move the bed into position in the yard.
  • Place a level on each side and dig out under the sides until all four sides are level.

5. Attach Pipe

Attaching Pipe
  • To hold hoops for bird netting or row covers, attach the six 12-inch pieces of 3/4-inch PVC pipe inside the bed.
  • On the long sides, space pipes 2 feet apart, 1 foot from each end and one in the center; screw on two tube straps to secure each pipe.

6. (Optional) Install Bottom Lining

Lining with Chicken Wire
  • Rake the existing soil at the bottom of the bed to level it, then tamp it smooth.
  • Line the bed with hardware cloth or chicken wire to keep out gophers and moles; trim the cloth with shears to fit around corner posts then tack in place with staples or bent nails.

7. Fill with Soil Mix

Filling the raised bed with soil
  • Fill the bed with good soil for tomatoes
  • Fill within 1 to 2-inches of the top
  • Rake smooth, breaking up any clumps
  • Let the bed settle for a few days before planting

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