como convertir una piscina en un huerto

We created to document our journey of converting an old backyard swimming pool in to a way to feed our family and live more self-sufficiently. When we purchased our first home in Mesa, AZ on October of 2009, it came with a large, empty, and run-down pool. Rather than spending thousands of dollars in fixing the pool or having it filled with fill dirt we decided to design an inexpensive & self-sufficient urban greenhouse. Initially, we had anticipated self-sufficiency by 2012 but we achieved our goal by mid-2010. Our family gets about 8 fresh eggs a day, unlimited tilapia fish, organic fruit, veggies, and herbs 365 days a year. To our knowledge, the GP (short forGarden Pool) is a one of a kind creation.

The GP combines:
  • solar power – harnessing and storing the sun’s energy
  • water conservation – using less water and recycling waste water
  • poultry farming – raising chickens
  • aquaculture – raising tilapia fish
  • hydroponic gardening – growing fruits, veggies, & herbs without soil
  • organic horticulture – using natural methods to control garden pests
  • aquaponics – the symbiotic cultivation of produce and fish in a recirculating hydroponic environment.
  • biofiltration – natural water filtration method using biochemistry and duckweed.
  • thermal mass - thousands of gallons of water that is warmed by the sun and being surrounded by earth and concrete provides “inertia” against temperature fluctuations.
  • permaculture - GP systems mimic relationships found in natural ecologies. It is truly a miniature self-sufficient ecosystem.

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